Final Artwork Update

Search and Survive Closeup
A closeup of The Wasteland (where players fight Zombies, rescue Survivors, and gather useful Items).

Search and Survive, the first game from Unkindness Games, is quickly approaching its Kickstarter release. A lot has been going on behind the scenes, but we haven’t had the physical proof to show you how far the game has come. That is, we haven’t had it until now. This update features the final artwork for the game in its final prototype form.

Search and Survive 4 Player
The Resource Row (TOP – where Items and Locations appear), Back Row (MIDDLE – where Zombies and Survivors spawn), and the Front Row (BOTTOM – Zombies always attempt to move forward and off of the board to attack the players). This example is set up for a 4 player game of Search and Survive.

Follow or add this site to your favorites to get updates about the release date for Search and Survive. There are several great stretch goals already planned for the campaign that will expand the possibilities game play even further. Also to be featured on the Kickstarter campaign is a retailer package to accommodate the needs of gaming stores.

Search and Survive Player Area
A player’s play mat with the components and individual areas of play labeled. Each player has unique abilities and bonuses available to them.

Click on any image in this post for a larger view and check back soon for more details.

*While the artwork is final here there have been some color adjustments, changes, and optimizations for backgrounds and other design elements to improve print results.

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