Search and Survive Box Lid

Search and Survive is a cooperative, zombie apocalypse deck building game for 1-4 players. In Search and Survive players must work together to rescue survivors, gather resources, and complete objectives; all while attempting to keep the growing zombie threat in check. The zombies have unique abilities to challenge players with, and the Horde moves towards the players with the potential of moving off of the play area and damaging them.

Unlike many games within the deck building genre, Search and Survive offers a unique combat system that blends card values with dice rolls. Failed attacks, zombie advancement, and zombie abilities can all cause players to take Damage cards. These cards not only dilute a player’s deck, but are also a finite resource. If any one player takes their 10th Damage Card the game ends in defeat.

In Search and Survive players must decide how far they want to push their luck on their turns. As ammunition depletes attacks become more dangerous. Melee attacks must also be considered carefully as close combat is riskier than ranged, but also has some powerful rewards. As combat resolves players take the spoils of war and add them to their decks, increasing their strength.

Players must work together to complete the objective of the session. Rescued survivors, locations, useful items, and powerful weapons must be combined to ensure the survival of the human race.